How Long Do American Bullies Live?

American Bullies are popular among dog fanciers globally because of their gorgeous appearance, faithful character, and cheerful behavior. Whether an individual has always had them or is planning to own one, they need to know about its lifespan and how to make sure it lives many years healthily. 

In this blog post, we’ll explore how long do American bullies live, the factors that affect their lifespan, how to increase their lifespan and where to get a healthy and socialized American bully for sale. 

How Long Do American Bullies Live

The American Bully, like many other dog breeds, lives on average for 12-15 years, but can live for 16 years or even more if taken care of properly. This period is typical for breeds of the same size and body build like American Pitbull Terrier (APBT) and Staffordshire Bull Terrier with a weight range between 30-70 lbs.

Factors That Affect a Dog’s Lifespan

In the same way that people do, an American Bully’s length of life can be determined based on various factors. These may range from genetics to the environment and general health. For instance, let’s delve into genetics. It is one of them.


How long a dog lives is greatly influenced by its genetics. In other words, a lot of dog breeds are at risk of certain diseases and medical conditions that can make them die early. For instance, because of their big size and build with a lot of muscles, American Bullies might get arthritis or hip dysplasia due to loose joints. To guarantee puppies produced are healthy, reputable breeders must test for any potential problems with their breeding stock during selection.


The place of residence for a dog can also determine how long they live. In loving and stable environments, the American Bully can find great happiness. When taking care of them, whether it’s in terms of protection, giving little tasks to keep them busy or making them meet other children. You are likely interested in their health most of the time. It’s significant that one establishes a secure place which will be safe enough for his/her bully.

Overall Health

It is crucial for the American Bully to remain in good health if they are going to live a long life. This consists of routine check-ups by a veterinarian, immunizations among other preventive measures like pest control in the form of anti-flea/tick medications usage. Moreover obesity is a risk factor for various illnesses thus fastening their deaths thus it’s important to observe proper nutrition. For the American Bullies, a balanced diet including exercise on a regular basis is important so as to ensure that they maintain good health.

Tips for Increasing Your Bully’s Lifespan

Some factors are impossible to control, hence there are measures that we can use to ensure that these lovable American Bullies get to enjoy long, happy lives:

  • Regular veterinary check-ups: Going to the doctor once in a year can help stop any possible health-related problems before they turn into something worse.
  • Provide proper nutrition: Please ensure you feed your Bully a well balanced, high quality diet that meets their specific needs and avoid over feeding them table scraps which can result in obesity among other health problems.
  • Keep them active: The American Bully is an active kind that will require regular exercise to remain healthy and merry. Daily walks, playing hours or even training periods may be used in maintaining its physical condition.
  • Socialization: For the mental health of American Bullies, proper socialization from the time they are young is vital. It helps reduce incidences of timidity or aggressiveness in the future by exposing them to diverse people, animals and surroundings.
Where to Get A Healthy American Bully for Sale

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Several factors influence the lifespan of an American Bully breed such as genetics, environment and overall health. Giving them proper care and feeding ensures long and healthy lives for these dogs. Indeed, their loving loyalty makes American bullies the best pets anyone can ever have taken care of for many years ahead.