How to Introduce Your New Dog to Your Other Pets

Dogs should make their initial acquaintance outside, on neutral ground. Every dog should have its own leash and walker, complete with a bag of tasty treats or tidbits of food to keep them entertained. To begin, take the dogs on separate walks that are far enough apart so that they may see each other but aren’t very disturbed by the prospect of doing so. Only give the dogs a reward for seeing each other if they are not engaging in any other unacceptable behavior. Brain Training for Dogs Review develops their hidden intelligence and also enhances the dog’s health.

Observe for any indications that a dog likes what you’re doing.

At the beginning of the method for introducing the dogs to one another, the dogs should both be on leashes, and your buddy should be used to reading canine body language.

Be on the lookout for canines that seem interested in one another and exhibit enjoyment and fun, such as wagging their tails and avoiding gazing at one another in the eye directly. It is essential to keep a sharp watch out for the signs, which can easily be missed or misinterpreted, that one of the dogs is attempting to flee.

Involve a trainer in the process if you are uncomfortable with the relationships between the dogs at this early stage or if you are unsure how to interpret the behaviors of your canines.

Walk the Dogs Together

After the two dogs have met each other for the first time, the following stage is to walk them both at the same time, side by side. They must be close enough to one another that they are aware of one another, but their proximity must not be so close that it causes them to get consumed with attempting to approach one another.

Maintain control of the dogs by ensuring that they are on leashes at all times and going in the same direction while maintaining a safe space between them (the precise amount will vary from dog to dog). Then, trade positions with the other dog-human combination so that both dogs may catch a scent of the trail that the other dog produced.

If the dogs are being nice and calm toward one another while you walk in parallel, you should shorten the distance between them. It is best not to let the dogs collide head-on as they get closer to one another since this places them in a unnatural and uncomfortable position.


It may take many months for your new dog and your existing dog to reach a level of cohabitation that is satisfactory to both of them. Be careful to celebrate the beginnings of a long-lasting friendship between your dogs by rewarding them for getting along with one another.